Amit + Aekta Engagement

Can’t believe I didn’t post until now! I thought I was going to be so good at this blogging thing since I started over. My brother’s wedding is even over! The wedding was super stressful. I took two different sets of engagement pictures for them and that was a lot of fun. The first shoot was done when Amit actually proposed to Aekta at the Field Museum in the Grainger Hall of Gems. I gave him this idea, but I can’t remember how it came to me. It came to be perfect. We later went to the infamous “Bean” and went to Starbucks since all of us like Starbucks. The second engagement shoot took place in Itasca, IL at the park and along the riverwalk area. This shoot was different from the first since it brought the nature aspect into play. This shoot was more playful and enjoyable. I was glad they allowed me to capture their special day! Here are a few of the pictures taken during the shoots!


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