Bridal Shower

Earlier this summer, I had the opportunity to help plan my new sister-in-laws bridal shower along with her cousins. I have known Aekta since before I started college. I have gotten to know things that she likes. After a lot of thought and work on figuring out a theme, I went with a vintage and tea party theme. I tried to incorporate that a little into the photos I took for her. It took a lot of time for this bridal shower. I hand made all the invites for the 40+ guests that attended and I designed the centerpieces. Planning an event is not easy I must say. I am meticulous about details, so this took me longer than usual. I know I will follow with another bridal shower for my sister in the future and I cannot wait since I am itching once again to plan for a future event! I must say, I like to keep busy!

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Elya Love

I absolutely love my niece Elya. She is adorable as can be. My husband and I seem to want to visit her any time we can. She puts a smile on my face every time we see her. We saw her this past weekend at her grandparents house. We went over to see her right before she went to bed and the sight of her just make me melt. She makes me forget all my worries and think of the good times. As she ages….I love watching how much she is growing up to be like her mom and dad. I am attaching a few pictures of the little muchkin.

Amit + Aekta Engagement Round 2

I am attaching round 2 of the engagement shoot for Amit and Aekta. These are just a few of the ones I liked.

Amit + Aekta Engagement

Can’t believe I didn’t post until now! I thought I was going to be so good at this blogging thing since I started over. My brother’s wedding is even over! The wedding was super stressful. I took two different sets of engagement pictures for them and that was a lot of fun. The first shoot was done when Amit actually proposed to Aekta at the Field Museum in the Grainger Hall of Gems. I gave him this idea, but I can’t remember how it came to me. It came to be perfect. We later went to the infamous “Bean” and went to Starbucks since all of us like Starbucks. The second engagement shoot took place in Itasca, IL at the park and along the riverwalk area. This shoot was different from the first since it brought the nature aspect into play. This shoot was more playful and enjoyable. I was glad they allowed me to capture their special day! Here are a few of the pictures taken during the shoots!

Antelope Canyon

This summer was amazing. My husband and I went to Utah, Arizona, and Colorado to visit many National Parks. My favorite place I visited was Antelope National Canyon. Here I have posted some of the pictures we took there. I have many other places that I visited that were amazing….but from a photographer standpoint I would have to say that the Antelope Canyon was by far the best for me. My husband had signed me up for the photographer tour which allowed me to have more time in slots and they made it better for us to photograph and gave us tips. The slots themselves were not that big…but there is so much to photograph at every little section, that it seems like a much longer slot canyon than it really is. Enjoy!